PLN + Partner Projects

Projects that PLNs have done with community partners. 

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> Health Day at ALP

Health Day - a takeover of ALP classes

ALP Health Days were part of the original PLN program grant! For the last 10 years PLNs have become the teachers for the day to cover important health topics like:

> January Diversity Health Fair

PARTNER: Polynesian Association of Alaska

YEARS: 2015 - present

PAOA and the PLNs

The founder of the Polynesian Association of Alaska, Lucy Hansen, is also one of the first Anchorage PLNs! She does an incredbile amount of community work and continues to stay connected to the PLN program.

PAOA and PLNs work together each year (January) to host a Diversity Health Fair with more than a dozen other community partners in a public location like the Loussac Library.

> Emergency Preparedness

Above: PLN Zabeeba in the 2017 Amharic Drop! Cover! Hold on! video.

See also: all of the translated videos, and the many other materials PLNs helped to create!

Emergency Material Translations

Although we don't usually do translation work, PLNs worked with the Office of Emergency Management to translate critical Emergency Plan & Supply materials in print and video format to help people prepare themselves and their families in case of emergency. 

This outreach is especially important when it comes to earthquakes, as many people come from countries where the recommendation is to run outside, whereas our building codes make sheltering inside safest.

This project included 8 materials. Here is an example: Emergency Go Bag  Amharic  Arabic  Chinese  French  Hmong  Japanese  Korean  Lao  Nepali  Samoan  Somali  Spanish  Tagalog  Thai  Tongan  Wolof

> COVID-19 Demonstration Projects

PARTNER: Conquer COVID Alaska

YEAR: 2020

Good Practice - thorough hand washing

Videos in:

Get Vaccinated!

Videos in 8 languages:

How to use at-Home Test Kits

While handing out free COVID-19 at-home test kits with translated instructions, PLNs performed demonstrations on how to follow the directions. 

Both online and in person demonstrations for ALP students and other clients.

> COVID-19 Test Kit Translations

Alaska CSS RAIS translated two common at-home COVID-19 test kit instructions into 16 languages! Our team at ALP put the text with pictures to ensure equal access to the clear message the box provided to English and Spanish speakers. Peer Leader Navigators worked with AIJ's Language Interpreter Center to create video instructions for some of the languages.

> PLN Coloring Book

PLNs planned the content of the children's language activity book that promotes good health and hygiene practices for kids... in and out of a pandemic! 

Once we had our statements together, we worked with AIJ's Language Interpreter Center to professionally translate each statement into 4 other languages.

Please feel free to print and share!

> Quarterly Refugee Health Fairs

Refugee Health Fair

In 2022 ALP began a contract with RAIS to host 4 Health Fairs a year at the RAIS Welcome Center. Interpreters are provided for PLN demonstrations on topics like:

> Cancer Prevention Outreach

What is Cancer_FINAL (1).pdf

Cancer Prevention

Cancer can be a confusing and scary topic. It's important to breakdown these stigmas because many cancers can be prevented, and finding cancer early is critical to treatment plans.

PLNs partnered with Alaska Department of Health cancer prevention programs to create easy-to-understand presentation tools about cancer for PLNs and other Community Health Workers.

See the Cancer Prevention page on this website to learn more.