PLN Training

New Cohort Training

PLN training is hosted by Alaska Literacy Program and lasts 9 months (September - May). 

One group of PLNs is trained each year. 

PLNs are paid for time spent in training (about 40 hours of training), plus bonuses for community outreach and compensation for events and other program support.

Training schedule:

Core PLN Training

After completing the new cohort training, PLNs are invited to join the Core group of Peer Leader Navigators. Many of our Core group have been involved with the program for 5 years or more and each year most if not all PLNs from the new cohort join the Core group.

Core PLNs meet every other week to check-in with each other, talk about recent issues they've helped clients with and brainstorm ideas, and hear from community organizations about relevant/timely services and opportunities. These meetings are also used to recruit for and support our partner projects