About PLNs

The PLN program is housed within and managed by Alaska Literacy Program.

PLN Mission:  To breakdown barriers to health and healthcare access information for underrepresented communities.

PLN Vision:  A connected, healthy, and diverse community.

In 2013, TAHLC partners teamed up with Alaska Literacy Program adult students to empower each other with reliable information pipelines and connections to community healthcare providers. Peer Leader Navigators (PLNs) serve as information beacons in their communities, connecting their neighbors, friends, and families to vital health tips and community resources.

The Peer Leader Navigator (PLN) program trains multilingual people to be health and wellness information promoters within their familial, social, and cultural groups. PLNs become empowered with research methods and access to trustworthy information. They, in turn, empower their communities. 

As a result of this initiative, educators, community partners, and healthcare providers are better able to meet traditionally underrepresented community members where they are; helping to provide vital information and services across Alaska. Ongoing partnerships help keep this mutually beneficial connection alive.

Peer Leader Navigators

The Anchorage PLNs Facebook group is moderated by PLNs and PLN organizers. It helps organize new information from all around the Anchorage and Alaska community for PLNs to share with their communities.